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8 States That Pose Highest Risks Of Missile/Nuclear Strike- The enemies of the United States have one goal in mind, which is to destroy as many people as possible when they launch their attacks.

If SHTF, living in one of these states, may put you at the unnecessary risk of a potential missile or nuclear strike. I’ve been studying nuclear warfare for quite a few years now. During this time, I’ve found that some states pose a much higher likelihood of becoming a target of war.  The enemies of the United States have one goal in mind, which is to destroy as many people as possible when they launch their attacks.  Luckily, we’ve avoided this thanks to a Military built like no other; the enemies know that messing with the United States is a terrible idea.  Nuclear warfare would decimate our country if our offensive systems failed when attacked. This would cause mass destruction and fallout in every corner of our nation. Nevertheless, I’ve covered what to factor in when determining this and compiled the states that I believe pose the highest risk of missile or nuclear strike. 4 Factors To Consider  Population Density  The first thing that comes to mind when I think of what states are

The S**t Just Hit The Fan, Should I Bug Out or Survive in Place?,With Contributing Author-Jonathan Hollerman a former military S.E.R.E. (Survival) Instructor and best-selling author on preparedness and is a full-time Emergency Preparedness Instructor!

Editors Note: The following article has been contributed by Jonathan Hollerman a former military S.E.R.E. (Survival) Instructor and best-selling author on preparedness. Hollerman is a full-time Emergency Preparedness Consultant specializing in Survival Retreat Design through  Grid Down Consulting . Where are you getting your prepping advice? Why? Should I try to survive in place or should I bug out? This is a hotly debated question in the prepping community with many people firmly entrenched on both sides of the aisle. There are numerous articles discussing the topic, but most are only a handful of paragraphs that never really explain how or why they arrived at their recommendation. To answer the “Bug Out” or “Bug-In” question effectively, we must discuss essential background information and context. I will break down the discussion into three sections: your source for prepping advice, what SHTF scenario you are preparing for, and how to bug out if you don’t have a survival retreat. So

REALITY CHECK FROM VENEZUELA: How The State Will Strip You Of Your Rights When SHTF – The state will rip you off, but it doesn’t happen all of a sudden

Editor’s note : This article was written by Maybell Nieves, a professional physician from Venezuela. Dealing with this subject has been quite difficult for me. Both the concept of the state stripping you of everything and the SHTF concept have as many backgrounds as diverse interpretations, so trying to approach this from a single point of view is a complicated task. In my country, Venezuela, after 20 years of “revolution,” we have bottomed out and learned to live in situations we never imagined (so much so that I was able to write an article on survival techniques I never imagined myself using on daily basis). It’s not that the governments before Hugo Chavez were much better. But there was a much more stable political and economic situation with access to the international market.In 1999, when Chávez’s government was instated, oil prices were the highest in Venezuela’s history. The newly born Communist policy in the country was hardly felt and had very few repercussions on the profess

Global Economy Continues to Cool- 10 of the World’s Most Devastating Financial Crises (Recent world crises and the resultant weakening of the global economy has left many fearing the worst.)

If it isn’t already, surviving economic collapse should be at the forefront of your mind. And with good reason; the pitiable state of the economy has sparked fear that the world is to face an even larger economic collapse in the coming year. The recent global stock market turmoil has left investors panicked and worried. This is nothing compared to what we (and our ancestors) have seen in the past. Here we take a look at the most devastating financial crises that wreaked havoc through modern history. The financial markets reflect the irrationality, optimism, and panic of market participants. Sometimes extreme optimism causes asset prices to disconnect from the reality, only to fall dramatically when the bubble bursts. Examples include the Tulip Mania (1637) and the South Sea Bubble (1720). These are the top 10 most devastating financial crises: 10- Argentine economic crisis, 1999 Much like other Latin American nations, the Argentine economy was hit hard by the Latin American debt crisis